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Standards in semen examination:
publishing reproducible and reliable
data based on high-quality

Impact of Varicocele Repair on Semen Parameters
in Infertile Men: A Systematic Review and

Opening Gates: New Methods for Testing and Delivery of Novel Contraceptives for Male & Female Targets

New opportunity for trainees or early career investigators and clinicians in Latin America:

Global Andrology Forum

The Global Andrology Forum (GAF): A World-Wide, Innovative, Online Initiative to Bridge the Gaps in Research and Clinical Practice of Male Infertility and Sexual Health” published in The World Journal of Men’s Health.

This article validates our collaborative online model of promoting online research in male reproductive health. For further information please visit our website at ,  the Editorial published in the World Journal of Men’s Health (WJMH) at , and check the “Introduction to GAF” attached to this email.

GAF is a prestigious international online association of clinicians, researchers and experts with a special interest in Andrology. GAF membership is FREE, and currently has 450 members from 68 countries, and the number is rapidly growing.

We are pleased to invite you to join the GAF as a member. We extend invitations to eligible members based on recommendations of existing members and academic and professional profile.

If you share our vision of academic research and excellence in Andrology, we welcome you to apply to join GAF by filling the membership application form at .


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